6 Tips to an Outstanding Holiday Season

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The holiday season is upon us, but as a business owner, you already know that. For many businesses, this is the most profitable time of year. For some it’s exciting, and for others, it’s a little nerve-wracking.

Here are 6 ideas for you to prepare and grow your small business during the Holiday Season:

1) Set Sales Goals
You can’t know what you need to prepare for the holiday season without knowing your goals. Sit down with your trusted team members and carve out goals for hitting different targets along the way from now until the end of the year. Define your goals as the minimum goals you need to reach, your expected goals, and your stretch goals. Don’t only define these goals in terms of revenue. Add any other goals you may have such as customer engagement and social media following.

2) Create a Holiday-Focused Marketing Campaign
Use our holiday-crazed society as a benefit to your business. We’re programmed to LOVE holidays, especially the present buying season. Don’t be shy about it, let your target audience know that you have what they need and since you’re a small business, you actually care about them, so you’ll do it better than the big guys.

3) Make a Plan to Stock Up on Extra Inventory
You’ve done your best to anticipate the crowds, their needs, and be prepared, but was it enough? Make sure you have a plan to purchase extra inventory quickly if your holiday sales are better than expected.

4) Decorate Your Windows and Store
Even the “grinches” of the world secretly love the holidays, and they’ll love coming into your festive store. Take some time to decorate your storefront for the season. It’ll draw the eyes of passersby and bring them in. We know you don’t have the budget of Macy’s or Tiffany’s, but a bit of holiday cheer will help your bottom line. Here are a few tips on decorating your storefront.

5) Train Your Seasonal Employees
You know you’ll be busier than usual this holiday season, so you hired a couple of extra employees. Invest your time and train them properly. Even though you may not see its worth now, the better their training, the better experience your customers will have, and the less stressed you’ll be about an unexpected rush.

6) Invest in New Software
Have you been eyeing new software? Whether you’re in need of updated bookkeeping, inventory tracking, or employee management systems. The holidays are busy enough, buy yourself this early holiday gift and enjoy the perks of your business run smoother and spend more time with your family, friends, or alone with some peace & quiet.