How OnDeck Can Help Your Small Business

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6 of the Top OnDeck Benefits

Running a business can be challenging, but OnDeck is here to help. As an OnDeck customer, you get access to valuable benefits right from the start. Read about six of OnDeck’s top benefits that our customers love.

Excellent Customer Service

With so many business loan options available, securing the right type of financing for your company can be a tough task. But OnDeck customers don’t have to worry about making the wrong decision when it comes to funding their businesses. OnDeck gives you access to a dedicated loan advisor to help you every step of the way.

If you want to connect with a real person to help you navigate small business funding, just give us a call Monday through Friday from 9:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m. ET at (888) 269-4246.

Fast, Easy Funding

If you’ve ever applied for small business financing through traditional sources, like banks or credit unions, you probably know that the process is long and slow. From a tedious application process to extended review and funding timelines, securing a traditional business loan from a bank can be challenging.

That’s why OnDeck strives to make the application and funding processes as fast and easy as possible. You can apply online or over the phone at (888) 269-4246 and a dedicated loan advisor will review your options before signing. If approved, you can even receive funds as soon as the same business day.

Transparent Pricing

When you’re in the market for small business financing, it’s important to carefully consider your funding needs and repayment responsibility. That’s why we developed an easier way to make a decision before choosing a funding option. With our OnDeck Loan Comparison Tool, you get a comprehensive cost breakdown of different loan offers to help you make the best choice for your business.

Terms That Work for You 

No two businesses are exactly alike, which means your business funding needs are also different. With OnDeck, you have multiple options to find the right type of funding that meets your needs. Even more, you can fine-tune the payment terms, like the payment amount and term length, to help accommodate your needs.

Loyalty Benefits

We’re here to help your business grow. That’s why OnDeck offers loyalty benefits and programs to good-standing customers, including waiving unpaid interest on your original term loan when you renew it.

Build or Improve Your Business Credit Score

OnDeck financing provides a reliable way to help build or improve your credit score. We use soft credit pulls that don’t affect your credit, and report payments to the business credit bureaus. By consistently making on-time payments, you can establish a positive credit history to help boost your credit score over time.

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