The 3 Fastest Growing Small Business Industries

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Across the country, there are a number of industries that are beginning to bustle with activity as more small businesses get in on the action.

And if you’re looking for a tip on what these growing industries may be, then Inc. Magazine has you covered. The news outlet recently specified some of the fastest growing sectors of industry – and we’ve collected information on a few of them below. Check out this list to see if your industry made the cut, or to gather any ideas on where you could potentially take your business in the future. If you’re interested in the full list, click over to Inc.’s website.

Green construction
The best way to be environmentally friendly is to plan to do so within the foundation of your business itself. So it should come as no surprise that Inc. is reporting that green construction – or rather, construction firms that can build environments well suited to low levels of energy consumption – are growing at rapid rates.

Online baby products
Sales of baby apparel made online are expected to clear $6 billion in revenue, according to the news outlet. Retailers of baby products have been slow to adapt to online commerce, and that has left a big hole in this particular sector of business. As a result, sales of these products are climbing incredibly fast – and entrepreneurs are developing plans to jump into this industry even faster.

Translation services
Everyone knows that businesses are going global – and that’s leading to great demand in the translation sector. So if you, or anyone you have access to, has the ability to translate from one language to another, then you should be looking into small business financing options – you’re already in line to dive into one of the world’s fastest growing industries.