Author: Kimberly Solarz

Hal Wilson of CyberImaging Systems needed a short-term small business loan to help him over a cash flow crunch, to meet some marketing expenses, and ramp up for a new customer. After completing the application, […]

After purchasing the Grand Slam Market in Fallon, Nevada, new owner Cheryl McCormick saw the need to expand her business and started looking for financing to purchase a new walk-in cooler. After being turned down […]

About Online Amiga After a successful career working with computer interfaces for the Marine Corps and building online experiences with large ecommerce companies, Irasema Jeffers decided to take that experience in another direction. Her new […]

Crowdfunding is one of the more empowering developments of the Internet age. Through the connected power of the masses, aspiring entrepreneurs can get their great ideas seen, supported, and funded. A wide variety of ideas […]

The days of relying on street fliers and window signs for restaurant promotion are over. The ease and reach of social media now makes it easy to entice diners, provided you ‘know’ how to navigate […]

Named for her two sons Jack and Ben, McClary Brothers is where Jess McClary shares her love for local produce and satisfies her entrepreneurial itch. She started the company while in culinary school and since […]

Crowdfunding, a mix of crowdsourcing and fund-raising made popular by sites like Kickstarter and IndieGogo, has become all the rage for some businesses due to its accessibility and global reach, not to mention its growth. […]

All too often, the careers of professional athletes last a few short, but profitable, years. And once those years are over, many players struggle to stretch their salaries. But the smart ones start thinking early […]

In November we invited five customers to OnDeck to share their experiences getting a small business loan—what was it like, was it easy, was it time consuming? Not long ago we shared what they thought […]

Los Angeles is known as a hotspot of movie stars, musicians and other celebrities, but did you also know that it is home to some of the coolest small businesses in the country? Today, Los […]