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About Online Amiga After a successful career working with computer interfaces for the Marine Corps and building online experiences with large ecommerce companies, Irasema Jeffers decided to take that experience in another direction. Her new […]

Ask almost any person on the street what they remember about the 2014 Oscars, and chances are they’ll answer, “the pizza.” In one of the more hilarious and touching moments in Oscars history, host Ellen […]

Crowdfunding is one of the more empowering developments of the Internet age. Through the connected power of the masses, aspiring entrepreneurs can get their great ideas seen, supported, and funded. A wide variety of ideas […]

Sharon Herd and her husband wanted to purchase and expand a tanning salon and were looking for a small business loan to help facilitate the purchase and fuel the expansion of Tropic Tan in Kennesaw, […]

Difficult customers can make for brutal experiences in real life. But on the big (or small) screen, few narrative devices are as entertaining as someone losing it in a retail establishment. All of the factors […]

The days of relying on street fliers and window signs for restaurant promotion are over. The ease and reach of social media now makes it easy to entice diners, provided you ‘know’ how to navigate […]

Named for her two sons Jack and Ben, McClary Brothers is where Jess McClary shares her love for local produce and satisfies her entrepreneurial itch. She started the company while in culinary school and since […]