"Shop Local" Campaign Ideas You Can Actually Use This Holiday Season

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The holiday season – which essentially extends from pre-Halloween all the way through the New Year, is a great time for business owners to tap into their local communities.

To make the most of the season, here are three tips on how you can drive customers to shop local, rather than buy from the big brands online or at chain stores.

1. Consider embracing a partnership with local media outlets to help drive attention to your brand

2. Investigate whether it would be possible to team up and cross-promote products with other small local businesses

3. Incorporate “local labels” onto your products, so that your customers can clearly tell that they’re supporting local products and production.

Take Halloween for one example. If you’re looking to draw more local customers, you may want to stock and advertise locally-created snacks and treats for shoppers to give out to their local trick-or-treaters.

The local products will reinforce the belief among your customers that you’re dedicated to your community as much as you are to your business.

How are you encouraging your community to shop local this holiday season? Tell us in the comments below.